Gold Sponsor Features

We will be working with you to maximize your engagement with your audience of and set the bar high for delivering a highly interactive experience for this virtual government centric event. The GovBrief process will help you to deliver your expertise to the audience highlighting your products, services and solutions to solving their problems. The better you are at engaging, the more relationships you build, the more opportunities you will see and the more federal contracts you will win.

The foundation of the GovBrief experience is people buy from people they know, like and trust. Our goal is to establish you as the subject matter expert in your field, because people trust experts. You have the capabilities and your exhibitor engagement package will put you center stage with federal decision makers. To make this virtual world work, there are several things that you will need to make the best impression possible. Please select your package and review the requirements carefully to confirm you have the ability to make your vendor engagement work.

GovBrief managed prime time speaking slot putting you in front of key decision makers and industry leaders that establishes you as the Subject Matter Expert (SME). 

  • GovBrief interactive platform
  • GovBrief Professional Host Introduction
  • GovBrief Producer pre-session preparation

You will be the featured host and sponsor of a government led engagement room. Government Engagement rooms are where agency leaders interact with other federal and industry attendees and you will be able to provide an overview of your company’s capabilities and qualifications. Additionally, you will receive contact information for every attendee involved in the Government Engagement Room.

Logo and sponsor level prominently displayed on all materials and sliders.

Your company will also be recognized by VFEDCON hosts and appear on sliders throughout the day of the event.

You and the other Gold Sponsors will have your choice (first come first served) to decide whether you will be the featured company for Lunch or Happy Hour. Your logo will be prominently displayed and you will be the host of the hour helping to give away prizes.

vBooth included. Your vBooth will be a available throughout the day so you can leverage your Subject Matter Expert status, engage attendees and build relationships. Click here for vBooth Details.

Your logo will be everywhere, all the time and always at the top!

You company will featured in VFEDCON marketing materials with a picture of the presenter as well as an overview of your breakout session. Your company logo will be featured as a Gold Sponsor on all VFEDCON marketing materials up to the day of the event!

Every session, including your dedicated 40-minute session will be recorded and produced into a highly effective GovBrief video featuring your company, contact information and your entire presentation. Your video will be featured in event follow-up emails and can be used for your future marketing efforts.

2 VFEDCON recap emails with links to:

  • session video
  • session presentation
  • your capabilities
  • Request for one-on-one virtual meeting
  • GovBrief concierge follow-up coordinator
  • Personal email to all registrants
  • Capabilities distribution to all registrants

Contacts include:
Project Managers
Program Managers
Contracting Officers
Contracting Specialists
Prime Vendor/Industry Contacts

For 1 Year your Company will be listed in the VFEDCON Capabilities Repository.

Government and Industry Decision Makers will be able to review your Capabilities and be able to make One on One Appointments with you.


Must provide at least 1 giveaway for Virtual Happy Hour.

Recommend to plan for at least 200 giveaways (like at your booth) these should have a value of less than $25.

Must join vBooth Pre-planning Sessions or watch set-up videos (Links will be provided).

Must have a high-speed internet connection capable of video – Test your speed here

Must have a device with webcam and microphone

Must be able to connect via Zoom – Download the Zoom App here

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