vBooth Features

Just like a trade show, you can engage your prospects in your own virtual room. Connect with decision makers, present your capabilities, engage in conversation.

Featured company recognition at Happy Hour (so you can give something away).

After the VFEDCON event, your company will be featured, along with your giveaways, at the Happy Hour. So pick a really good giveaway so attendees remember who you are!

Your Company Logo will be seen on VFEDCON scrollers across the website.

From 9:00 AM – Noon EST  and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST  your prospects will drop by to introduce themselves! 

Imagine dozens of people coming to check out your company, see you and get to know your capabilities. 

We will drive federal PMs and buyers to your vBooth.

No scanner or cards needed! You get a contact report of every single attendee that stops by… This is all part of your vBooth experience!

Attendees will see your company overview so they have an idea what you do and why they should stop by your vBooth!

For 90 Days your Company will be listed in the VFEDCON Capabilities Repository.

Government and Industry Decision Makers will be able to review your Capabilities and be able to make One on One Appointments with you.

You will be supplied two Coupon codes to register two of your team members. They full attendee entry into all areas of the event.

We will be working with you to maximize your engagement with your audience of and set the bar high for delivering a highly interactive experience for this virtual government-centric event. The GovBrief process will help you to deliver your expertise to the audience highlighting your products, services and solutions to solving their problems. The better you are at engaging, the more relationships you build, the more opportunities you will see and the more federal contracts you will win.

The foundation of the GovBrief experience is people buy from people they know, like and trust. Our goal is drive federal buyers and program managers right to your room so you can engage them, build trust and show you can deliver when they need you.  To make this virtual world work, there are several things that you will need to make the best impression possible. Before you sign up for your Vbooth, please review the requirements carefully to confirm you have the ability to make your vendor engagement work.


Only 4 vBooths Left!


Must provide at least 1 giveaway for Virtual Happy Hour.

Recommend to plan for at least 200 giveaways (like at your booth) these should have a value of less than $25.

Must join vBooth Pre-planning Sessions or watch set-up videos (Links will be provided).

Must have a high-speed internet connection capable of video – Test your speed here

Must have a device with webcam and microphone

Must be able to connect via Zoom – Download the Zoom App here

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